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Well, this is scary as all get out. I have $8K to my name. Put an offer today on a house which will take every dime I own in order to obtain the mortgage and pay all the fees. Going to have to get creative with finding things to sell to help come up with some liquidity.

This coming week will tell me if panicking is in order or not.

It is a house being sold by the bank as it was a reverse mortgage. Has some quirky features such as only two bedrooms. A third one was converted into the laundry room. It is awesome! Room to put a table to fold clothes. The living room and dining room is one large room, but separated by two pony walls.

There is a small kitchen with a bar into the dining area. However it does have a pantry.

The master bathroom has one of those funky bathtubs with a door for a disabled person to access it. The master bedroom is nice and large.

There is central air conditioning and a gas fireplace.

A two car garage. Hurray for a doorway wide enough to pull a car through without tearing the side mirrors off.

Small yard front and back. Easily maintainable by a single person without having to spend entire weekends on upkeep.

The drawback is the distance from work. The house is twenty miles away from work as opposed to the thirteen for the apartment I live in.

Gah, I hate living in a hot housing market. I need to make a change though. Rent has gone up $100-110 each year the last four years. I can't keep up with it. Having a fixed monthly expenditure will help.
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