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Coming out the other side of two weeks of bronchitis. Nice to not be coughing every minute or so.

Part of my resolutions for this year is to be more social, hence my catching bronchitis. I went to a convention in Seattle two weeks ago as there were going to be two bands playing I really wanted to watch. Friends I haven't seen in many years were also going to be there. Bonus!

After giving me a big hug, my friend turned to the side to cough. She mentioned she had been sick for a couple days. I knew I was doomed.

The concerts were fantastic. I really enjoy the sounds of the bands, "Brother" and "Faun". Something about bagpipes, didgeridoo, drums, harps, guitars, and hurdy gurdy to make the soul soar.

It was a last minute decision I made to attend the show. Basically on Thursday I asked for time off on Friday. I am glad I did. It is good to get out and about.

This past Friday I went to a gallery show. Ended up meeting a friend beforehand to have a late lunch, then went for a motorcycle ride to the art museum. Learned that on Fridays admission is $5 after 5:00p. Cool thing is it was only 4:30p and we still got the bargain admission price.

Really dislike modern art. It has no attraction to me whatsoever. Two plates of rusted steel welded to a bar? A canvas painted 5/8s solid blue and 3/8s solid yellow? Stripes on canvas? A bronze turd?

The exhibit of art from Venice was nice. Some wonderful paintings, sculptures, and musical instruments. I was really sad that when illuminated books are on exhibit only two pages can be shown. I would like to see the other 50-100 pages in the books.

Listening to the rain falling from the sky in large drops which are pounding upon the window panes. Drenching type of rain. If I weren't sick I would be inclined to go outside to become soaked. Would be fantastic for the hair.
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this was posted on boing boing today. the image is by the fiance of a friend* of mine, brian mccarty. i wish i were in l.a. to give him a hug of congrats of being part of the artworks on display. awesome!

Fine art toy photographer Brian McCarty created this image for the stellar Manifest Hope: DC Gallery art exhibition that opened this weekend. Brian took the photo at the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Brian tells me:

"People either love the shot or hate it, mostly because of the darker implications of putting Obama there. My goal was to foster discussion, especially since race is still the elephant in the room. For reasons very worthy of discussion, Obama was the only candidate NOT to visit the Lorraine..."

Manifest Hope: DC Gallery

*for my SoCal friends, brian is engaged to the mikachu
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Temple of Artemis to be revived once more in Selçuk
Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Temple of Artemis was built in the seventh century BC. But according to myth a madman set it on fire 400 years later. But as Christianity began to spread throughout Anatolia, a Christian ecclesiast outlawed the cult of Artemis in the fifth century. The temple was destroyed during the early period of Christianity in Anatolia. Artemis, one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, will be rebuilt in Selçuk in present day Turkey

New temple not an imitation )
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in april 2008 as reported in business week, starbucks decided to return to their salacious original brown logo for nostalgia. in 2005 starbucks had redesigned the logo to give the mermaid longer hair to cover the exposed breasts due to complaints regarding modesty. what we are left with now is a green logo of a woman holding two "things" in her hands. if you had no idea what the logo is supposed to represent, the elements of the mermaid are nearly wiped away completely.

tonight i was browsing one of my favourite blogs, bibliodyssey and discovered this gem. the design of a split tailed, bare breasted mermaid/siren is quite old.

it is from the Entwürfe für Prunkgefäße in Silber mit Gold - BSB Cod.icon. 199 - Augsburg oder Nürnberg 1560 - 1565, a book of silver and gold designs by the sixteenth century silversmith, erasmus hornick.

so, to all the prudes out there, get over it. the logo is art.

i also found an interesting interview with the current logo designer from 2005 at the deadprogrammer cafe along with images of the earliest logos, how they modified a 15th century print of a siren to hide the female naughty bits between the two tails in the original brown logo and packaging for starbucks coffee.

i find the evolution of logos to be interesting, especially when they harken back to other times in history.
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understanding art for geeks
the set is just too damn awesome!

is my favourite. thanks to everyone else to linked to the pics. i thoroughly enjoyed looking.
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while continuing to sort through the detritus of my life i came across a box of art supplies. i have various art supplies going back to when i was a freshman in high school.

including the box of 64 crayola crayons with built in sharpener which still sports the price sticker of $0.77. a check online found a box at staples for $4.49 or if you want to splurge for $5.99 you can buy them from crayola directly!

i think inflation has occurred.

and yes, my box has the "retired" colours in it like they should be!

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