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i wish i could record the sound of snowfall.
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went to bed to the sound of a torrential downpour. rain was pounding on the windows in an effort to come inside.

woke this morning to a winter wonderland and very blue skies.
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i wish i had a rain gauge. i had looked at some over the last month but didn't purchase one.

it has been pouring rain hard, like gully washer hard, for hours. news says it is coming down at about 1/2" per hour. needless to say there are flood warnings.

so yeah, i wish i had a rain gauge to assuage my curiosity about how much has truly fallen, 'cause it has been beating on my windows for quite a bit.

i also wish i was on the coast where they have predicted 25' waves. now that is something i would love to see.
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elessa: (wintery)

i have been asked if i took the pics of the snowflakes in my gallery. the answer is, yes. the pics are of snowflakes which landed on the balcony railing.

the macro function on the Canon Powershot SD850si is incredibly powerful.

now all i need is to take a class in how to actually use a camera. lol! i am sure i could take even better pics if i knew how to manipulate the settings beyond the ISO.
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click on the pic to see the world i wandered today
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well, well, well... there is a forecast of 4-8" of snow here locally by sunday night, with another 2-4" on wednesday.

the average snowfall west of the cascades is 2.3" per year. methinks that this coming week will change the curve a little bit.
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looks like a friend may be getting her wish for snow of several inches on the ground this weekend. granted, this is monday and the forecast is projecting for the weekend so it may change.

severe weather alert

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