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jerry brown: gay marriage ban should be invalidated

in a surprise move, state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown asked the California Supreme Court on Friday to invalidate Proposition 8. He said the November ballot measure that banned gay marriage "deprives people of the right to marry, an aspect of liberty that the Supreme Court has concluded is guaranteed by the California Constitution."

It is the attorney general's duty to defend the state's laws, and after gay rights activists filed legal challenges to Proposition 8, which amended the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, Brown said he planned to defend the proposition as enacted by the people of California.

But after studying the matter, he came to the conclusion that gay rights activists were correct in arguing that the proposition amounted to a constitutional revision, instead of a more limited amendment. “Proposition 8 must be invalidated because the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification,” Brown said in a statement.

Backers of Proposition 8 expressed anger at Brown's decision not to honor the will of voters, who approved the measure in November. “It’s outrageous,” said Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Proposition 8.

The briefs filed Friday were in response to a spate of legal challenges filed by gay rights advocates, including the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Last month, the California Supreme Court announced that it would hear arguments in the case, perhaps as soon as March. A revision of the state Constitution can go before voters only after a two-thirds vote of the Legislature or a constitutional convention. Proposition 8 was put on the ballot after a signature drive. Brown's brief also said he believes that the estimated 18,000 same-sex marriages performed from June to November should remain valid. Because it did not trust Brown to mount a staunch defense of the proposition, the group Protect Marriage intervened in the case and filed its own brief. It argued that Proposition 8 should remain legal and that the same-sex marriages performed from June to November should no longer be recognized.

--Jessica Garrison - l.a. times
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i know. i know. i have been post happy today.

more action to protest prop h8. the link has lots of info beyond what i am posting below.

day without a gay


1. Wake up for work on Wednesday December 10th... and call in GAY or take the day off.
2. Go to the bank and take $80 out of your account... put it in your pocket and KEEP IT THERE.
3. Do not go get your morning latte
4. Do not purchase anything
5. Do not contribute to advertising revenue: Meaning, spend 24 hours of your life without TV & Internet
6. Do not use your cell phone, even if you have unlimited minutes
7. Instead, DO volunteer. Give to the community and reach out to those that don't understand our community. Check your state page for local volunteer opportunities.
8. If you must spend, only do so at an LGBTQ owned establishment with an LGBTQ clientel
9. You have weeks to prepare, so go grocery shopping now.
10. VOLUNTEER. We are fighting for human rights, so let's take a day to fight for the rights of those in need. Check your state page for local volunteer opportunities.
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andrew sullivan documents all the protests

today i am proud of this country. whether it be the very gay san francisco or the town of cunningham, massachusetts (population 785) there is a voice that must be heard regarding civil rights for all citizens of this country.

damn, i am crying as i read the posts from each city and town. stand up america and be heard!
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i know this is late notice, however, no matter where you are in the US there are rallies planned for tomorrow, saturday, november 15 in support of overturning Prop H8 in california, amendment 2 in florida, arkansas and arizona's fettering of human rights.

join the impact has every state with cities organizing the protests. find the one nearest you.

stand up to promote love and equality for all.

i am currently planning to attend the gathering in my city tomorrow morning.


it doesn't matter where you live. there should be a rally somewhere near you. time to take a stand.

the proposition passed in california is based on a religious tenet, not on civil rights. separate the church from the state.

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whilst reading another group i saw someone slam an opponent of prop 8 with the line i keep hearing about how marriage is defined in the bible as one man and one woman. that got me thinking and delving a bit to find out why that is held to be immutable. i seem to remember solomon having an inordinate number of wives and concubines, as did his father, david (also known for his homosexual affair with jonathon, son of saul, in the book of samuel 18:1-5, 20:3-5, 20:41-42). oh and what about jacob with his two wives and two concubines?

marriage of one man and one woman is only one type of marriage recognised in the bible. there are eight varieties according to a site in ontario canada for religious tolerance.

marriages - read on for rebuttals to people who want to discuss this amendment to the california constitution as a mandate from god in the bible )
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i wake this morning to see that prop 8 appears as though it has passed. this is a sad moment. the continued relegation of a portion of the population to second class citizenry.

i suspect that people who are gay will be going into work today or to other social situations as they do everday. only today they will be looking at their coworkers and others surrounding them wondering who voted "yes".

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