Dec. 20th, 2015

elessa: (wyveri)
The year is coming to an end. With it are other things ending which bring me sadness. I realise that life is nothing but change, but man, when it happens there are times I wish it didn't.

I went for brunch for the final time at Mint Tea as they will close their doors after this weekend. It has been a place of laughter, wonderful food, and visiting with friends. I will miss it immensely during my forays into town. I know the owner is moving onto new things after she takes a break to center herself. I also know that I am destined to cross paths with her again. I look forward to seeing where and what she decides to do next for the community.

One of my bestest of friends is moving a couple hundred miles north to pursue his art further. I hope it doesn't mean I will never see him again. I am happy for him though as I know he will have greater exposure to many more clients for his unique talents. His metalwork needs to be seen by people. Fingers are crossed that his ultimate desire to work in Europe happens as a result.

My car continues to make intermittent mysterious noises. Today it began making a new one which leads me to believe there is something wrong in the front suspension. Turning the steering wheel as well as simply getting out of the vehicle is causing a binding creak if that makes any sense. Naturally the repair shop I would go to is closed today and tomorrow the weather service is forecasting storm of doom with warnings not to travel anywhere unless absolutely necessary.

Lottery, can I win now

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