Nov. 15th, 2014 08:15 am
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Today may be the day I invest the time to explore eHarmony. I am ready for a change in my life. Time to invite someone to share it with me again.

I sincerely hope it will be a better experience than previous "matches" through Yahoo Personals, Match.com, and OKCupid. I do not want a hook up. I want to find someone to spend stimulating time with both intellectually and physically.

Someone who doesn't mind spontaneous ideas of things to do rather than having to meticulously plan every single detail of a day before walking out the door in the morning.

Someone who can actually hold a conversation on more than a single topic. Too many men I have met only talk about one thing, ie sport fishing or football or hunting, to the point of me wondering if they know how to think or read as there is a hell of a lot more in the world than their single focus.

Ah well. Time will tell.

Peeves #4

Nov. 15th, 2014 08:09 am
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* Mindlessly scrolling through FB. Why the heck do people have to comment before they even read an article someone may have posted? The ignorance of the content becomes quite obvious when they get all "I know better than you" and post a link back to Snopes. When if they would have read the actual article and not simply looked at the photo in the preview. They would have known that it was one written by a scientist which picked apart the incorrect assessment of the imagery that was used for scare tactics. In this case an image showing the strength of a tsunami as it spread eastward being used incorrectly as one showing radiation.

* I really dislike Multi Level Marketing, MLMs. I have twice been in a local coffee shop recently when unsuspecting individuals are being pitched. I don't know how to interrupt to warn the person of the risks involved; not to mention that they are being preyed upon. There is no money to be made from retail sale of the products; only money to be made is from purchases by the downline recruited as both parties go further and further into debt.
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Been a lonely day. It was gloriously beautiful outside. However, I could not motivate myself to do anything away from the apartment. I truly wish I had a relationship with someone. It would help with having someone to share activities with. Someone to entice me to leave my abode to live. ~sigh

Peeves #3

Nov. 7th, 2014 07:58 pm
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* What is with early winter holiday decorations? Yes, I know I am posting this on November 7, however I have been annoyed since the beginning of October when they appeared in stores. Not to mention seeing people already decorating with lights and trees! One of the apartment units near me has been decorated since Saturday November 1. I just read a post on FB with a photo of a friend's livingroom complete with two decorated trees and pine garland draped over the livingroom mantle.

Peeves #2

Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:16 am
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* Why do women who find it objectifying and sexist when images of scantily clad or naked women are posted on social media websites have no problem posting images of buff men who are shirtless and/or with pants unzipped. They then post comments like "hubba, hubba" or "Why hello, eye candy". Isn't this a double standard?

For instance,


Yeah, yeah, by posting this photo I appear to be condoning the practice. No, I want to make my point clear by posting an example of the imagery women would decry if it were of a woman with the same caption.
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Today I fed my inner Eastern European. I have been craving braised red cabbage for a few days. I decided to take care of the need for the comfort food by making a deep skillet worth. Braised the head of red cabbage along with an onion and granny smith apple. Seasoned with salt, caraway seed and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

I also roasted some Yukon Gold fingerling potatos to serve alongside the cabbage.

Oh so very tasty. Lots of leftovers for the upcoming week.

I prepared two servings of yoghurt for breakfast as well. Plain yoghurt with sliced banana and grapes with a few dashes of cinnamon. I like how sitting in the refrigerator overnight allows the banana to infuse the plain yoghurt with sweetness naturally.

Any other ways to save money on food consumption will be incorporated as I have motivation.

It also helps towards the latest health challenge at work. I signed up to maintain, not gain between Nov 3 through Dec 31. Object is to maintain or not gain more than three pounds with the upcoming deluge of sweets coming for the holidays.

The challenge is a requirement in order to save $30/month off my contribution to my health insurance premium. I will take every cent I can finagle.


Oct. 26th, 2014 08:38 am
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* Comments from people on social media, ie Facebook, G+, etc., which only address the headline and/or preview of an article without having read the entire article. Hell, same thing with people on news websites who comment without reading the f@cking article.

* Cigarette smoking drifting into my apartment from the smoker's on the first floor.

* People who refute numerous scientific research studies in order to grasp at a straw of "truth" handed out by a someone who supports their view. People who are otherwise intelligent cast all application of critical thinking out the window when it comes to vaccinations, gluten diets, etc.

* Conversations with someone who doesn't question what they are told by the news media, especially when they only derive the information from a single source. There truly are at least two sides to a story. I wish people would try to learn what they are before forming an opinion. They do not have to agree with me; just be prepared to acknowledge that there are different ways to consider an event, topic, or individual's portrayal rather than putting hands over their ears while saying "lalalalalala, I can't hear you."

* Conversations with people who do not address the topic at hand, but rather resort to fallacies such as ad hominem attacks.

* Candle wicks that are the wrong diameter for the size candle causing them to burn inefficiently.
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* It is interesting once I learn a person's age how my perception of them changes. The blond barbie who sits next to me is in her early sixties. Now that she has lost approximately twenty pounds while being on a 500 calorie a day diet her clothes fit her much better. I wish I could afford to shop where she does.

* Cleaning out drawers, even though no one but me knows or sees the contents makes me feel productive.

* I am grateful that I do not watch television nor listen to commercial radio. It is pleasant not being bombarded by political ads full of rhetoric.

* I have begun walking to my apartment from a different direction which gives me a better view of its front access. This makes me feel a little more secure in thinking if my stalker is waiting for me I will see him before he sees me.

* Why are some women incapable of washing their hands at the sink in a restroom without creating a flooded counter?

* Lavendar vanilla ice cream is delicious.

* Cloudy, rainy days with breaks of sunshine are much more satisfying than a day of nothing but rain or nothing but clear blue sky. I like the sound of the wind as it rustles through the Douglas fir trees. It differs from the sound through the Maples. The variety of weather and seasons fuels the soul with satisfaction.

* After watching the joy experienced by a co-worker as she moves into a condo she purchased last week, I am sorely tempted to buy my own place. A lot of factors to consider though. How to have enough money for a down payment. How to afford upkeep that is covered by a landlord as a renter (ie, the washer being replaced, the circuitry in the heater being replaced, the plumbing in the shower being replaced, and the water heater being replaced - all in the span of the past year) I am not young by any stretch of the imagination, which means contemplating how to afford to make payments in retirement.

* I want to travel to Europe. Specifically to see Italy, France and Germany. In the Mediterranean I would like to go to Macedonia and Turkey.

* My family makes me sad. For the last eighteen months my sisters have promised to visit me "in a few months", "in the Spring", "in the Fall". I am still waiting. I have always been the one expected to travel back to the Midwest. In the twenty eight years I have lived on the West Coast my parents have visited twice and one sister once.


Oct. 7th, 2014 07:23 pm
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Posting a fiddly little niddly.

Lots to say, yet nothing to say.

Hallooooo... anybody out there?
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blergh... Decision made today to renew my lease for another year. Rent increased by $60/month. Ouch! Gonna need to cut back on living to be able to afford it. Unfortunately I have not been able to motivate to find another place to live. The task of packing, moving, etc. is too much to contemplate. So, here I am for another year. I dislike the miasma in the brain.

Must take advantage of the time to continue to pare down my belongings so that I can move into smaller, less expensive quarters next Spring. There is a pile begun of items to sell at a garage sale. I wish I had a vehicle to transport a table and other large pieces that I would like to sell. As it is, I will have to content myself with what can fit into my car.

Listening to yet rainfall from yet another laden cloud. Been a day of rain and sun. The rainbows as a result are worthwhile.

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Coming out the other side of two weeks of bronchitis. Nice to not be coughing every minute or so.

Part of my resolutions for this year is to be more social, hence my catching bronchitis. I went to a convention in Seattle two weeks ago as there were going to be two bands playing I really wanted to watch. Friends I haven't seen in many years were also going to be there. Bonus!

After giving me a big hug, my friend turned to the side to cough. She mentioned she had been sick for a couple days. I knew I was doomed.

The concerts were fantastic. I really enjoy the sounds of the bands, "Brother" and "Faun". Something about bagpipes, didgeridoo, drums, harps, guitars, and hurdy gurdy to make the soul soar.

It was a last minute decision I made to attend the show. Basically on Thursday I asked for time off on Friday. I am glad I did. It is good to get out and about.

This past Friday I went to a gallery show. Ended up meeting a friend beforehand to have a late lunch, then went for a motorcycle ride to the art museum. Learned that on Fridays admission is $5 after 5:00p. Cool thing is it was only 4:30p and we still got the bargain admission price.

Really dislike modern art. It has no attraction to me whatsoever. Two plates of rusted steel welded to a bar? A canvas painted 5/8s solid blue and 3/8s solid yellow? Stripes on canvas? A bronze turd?

The exhibit of art from Venice was nice. Some wonderful paintings, sculptures, and musical instruments. I was really sad that when illuminated books are on exhibit only two pages can be shown. I would like to see the other 50-100 pages in the books.

Listening to the rain falling from the sky in large drops which are pounding upon the window panes. Drenching type of rain. If I weren't sick I would be inclined to go outside to become soaked. Would be fantastic for the hair.
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This weekend I picked up Akimitsu Takagi's detective novel The Tattoo Murder Case. It was fascinating to read on many levels. The book was published in 1948 and won the Mystery Writers Club Award of Japan, 1949 (translated to English 1998) and takes place in Edo aka Tokyo. To read a Japanese author describing the city and its populace in the aftermath of the Great War with its effects was eye opening. Some of the characters has served in the war; so their views were made known in such a way that I am going to assume they reflect those of the author, ie it was a bad idea which affected the common man in a negative way.

I was also ignorant as to how much Western Culture had influenced the Japanese. One of the characters is a piano tutor who plays Chopin, Beethoven, and other classical music throughout various scenes.

The clothing worn by the characters vary from traditional kimono to high end suits made of the finest materials. The books read or referred to include Sherlock Holmes, the author John Dickson Carr, master of the locked room mystery genre.

One character speaks Japanese, French, Russian, German and English.

At the time of the story, tattooing was illegal to be worn or given to Japanese. It was considered a symbol of criminal involvement. The yakuza (kinda the mafia) are best known for their tattoos. Tattoos, however, were allowed to be given to foreigners. In this case the occupying army, the Americans.

Then there is the whole culture surrounding tattoos and their meanings. Talk about going down the rabbit hole afterwards looking further into the history of the tattoo. I find that I have subconsciously ascribed to the Japanese aesthetic of a tattoo on the body is meant to be a singular piece of art which is integrated. Unlike the style referred to in the book for American tattoos as "sushi art", ie a smorgasbord of unrelated tattoos with no cohesive flow.

I learned that the tattoo is based on a theme taken from history or folklore, typically warriors or famous scenes. It is not something random. It is has an association to something. Symbols of various sorts are integrated into the artwork such as flowers, reptiles or fish which have significant meanings.

Then, there are taboos which a tattoo artist will not break.

In the story a tattoo artist has broken one taboo and uses the character representations of three sorcerers in tattoos worn by three of the main characters: Kinue Nomura (Orochimaru, the snake), her brother Tsunetaro (Jiraiya, the frog) and sister Tamae (Tsunade, the slug; translated as Tsunade-hime). The sorcerers in legend were enemies. The result is a curse which follows these characters to their deaths.

The story is really well written. Until the final denouement, I had only figured out half of the mystery.

In 2013 I had listened to an interview with a person who had spent a year solely reading books written by authors from countries other than her own. Her goal was to read one a week. She talked about how it opened her mind and expanded her knowledge of the world around her. Essentially, no matter your country we all have similar aspirations; to live, love and laugh. This was certainly true in post-War Japan.
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I need to snark. Really badly, I need to snark.

An observation upon aging. We all do it. Whilst it may not be something which is necessarily welcomed, I do think it ought to be embraced to a certain degree. I still think and feel as though I am twenty five; however I recognise there are certain things I can no longer get away with. I also recognise that body and facial features change.

So, I want to say people ought to cease certain behaviours. Something is driving me nuts which has been bottled up and I want to know if I am right to be annoyed.

It is not cutesy to use a baby voice when talking to your boss. It really isn't. The baby doll, high pitched voice is as annoying as fuck coming from someone who is in her mid to late fifties; approximately sixty pounds overweight; refreshes her hair to a really pretty shade of blond; adores the colour pink and loves rhinestones.

I can tell she was a stunning looking woman in her youth and probably had the guys falling all over her with that voice.

I know she really dislikes what she looks like as she refuses to have her picture taken even in group settings. She says anyone who takes her picture is bullying her because she hates what she looks like in photos.

If I were to guess, like me, she also thinks and feels like she did when she was twenty five. Problem is, behaviour at twenty five when a hot young thing doesn't come off quite the same when you are no longer young or hot.
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Hungry. Rummaged. Came up with:

One can pinto beans, drained
Two shakes of bag of frozen corn
Two handfuls shredded cheddar
Half a bottle of Bavarian Hefeweizen
Two heaping spoonfuls sundried tomatos in oil
One spoonful crushed garlic

Saucepan on stovetop. Stir. Bring to simmer till all melts together. Eat.
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You were born during a Waning Gibbous moon

This phase occurs right after a full moon.

- what it says about you -

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omg! snow!

Feb. 24th, 2011 07:56 pm
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today proved to be absolutely bizarre weatherwise. when i went to bed last night at 9:30p snow had begun to fall. however it contained hard pellets which were tinking against the windowpanes as they fell and stuck to the ground, trees and vehicles.

when i woke at 5:30a it was a winter wonderland of approx two inches of snow and grey skies. i am not keen on driving my mustang in snow or on ice. i called into the office to say i wouldn't be coming in today.

around 9:30a i went outside to take some pics because the sky had turned to sunshine and blue. the snow was beginning to melt at this point. it was rather interesting to watch chunks of it falling from branches and powerlines to the ground.

the snow was slushified enough by 11:30a for me to decide to drive to work on the far east side of town. the road i live on was a mix of wet and slush. the main arteries were either wet or actually dry.

i lasted there about an hour and a half before anxiety kicked in. the clouds returned heavy and grey. they dumped in whiteout conditions what appeared to be hail, but in actuality were small, soft, wet balls of snow which accumulated rapidly.

not wanting to have to drive through who knows how much snow and slush to get home if i waited until rush hour, i left.

oddly the snow only fell where i worked. the main road i have to take before the side street to the company was essentially untouched. the freeway was dry as a bone as i drove north. to the west i could see another heavy grey cloud dropping snow just to the north of downtown alongside a break of sunny blue sky.

once home the weather alternated between sunshine and what i can only describe as a snowfall of ice needles. tonight the forecast is for record low temps. i already made known i will not attempt to drive on ice. should it melt sufficiently to be safe for driving, i will go to work later in the morning.

i have never before experienced weather like i did today.
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"Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

Political Observations" (1795-04-20); also in Letters and Other Writings of James Madison (1865), Vol. IV, p. 491
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today was a very nice day. i met with a few friends for some coffee this morning, then decided to head for the coast. it was my first time going to cannon beach. the first place i found myself was ecola state park. the view of cannon beach from there is spectacular.

afterwards i made my way into town. i found a location where there was some parking near the far south end of town. i walked along the beach into the middle of town where i discovered the wayfarer restaurant. i enjoyed an extremely good salad for a late lunch.

i then meandered back down the beach in a leisurely fashion before heading back home. i truly enjoy knowing that the ocean is only 1.5 hours away should i have a need to hear waves crashing upon a shore.

i can't wait for the opportunity to head further south to explore oswald state park, tillamook and newport!
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Today I was cleaning out boxes I have in my closet that contain miscellany from my life. In a box within a box I came across the copper POW bracelet I have had since I was a young girl. I seem to remember acquiring it in either 1971 or 1972. My father is a Vietnam veteran and we were living in Ft. Benning at the time.

I decided to search the internet on a whim to see if there were any pages with info on 1st Lt. Patrick Curran, 9/29/69. I am happy that there is closure for his family as his remains were found and eventually identified.

I sit here wondering who he was as I cry for someone I never knew, but whom I have carried with me through the years from state to state, city to city.

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