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i have seen it reported on a number of sites that eddie murphy was signed to play the riddler. my reaction to that was, WTF? therefore i did some digging to see if it was a rumour or not. probably just a rumour.

don't believe everything you read

eddie murphy is not in batman 3


Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:01 am
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on sunday i went to see the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight

this film left me with my heart literally hurting in my chest. the emotions and adrenalin caused it to work overtime.

the trailer which chris nolan created tricks you. you think you know the scenes and where they will fall in the movie. that which you believe to be climatic most certainly isn't. the ride just gets deeper and more intense as it goes.

it is a dark, intense examination of the human psyche. what makes man tick? what are man's motivations behind his actions? the double entendre of the phrase "The Dark Knight" slams into you at the end of the movie.


thoughts and spoilers )

tis sad a lamborghini was sacrificed in this movie. it goes for a good cause, but damn!

i hope to see this movie again. it is a modern play on the scale of the study of man as done by shakespeare in his tragedies, i.e. king lear, macbeth, the tempest.
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the batsuit gets a makeover l.a. times

coming from the industry which makes the wardrobe and props for films and television i read this article about the batsuit made for the newest batman film.

this comment in particular struck me as interesting, "after years of actors having to do "the Batmove," turning their head and shoulders in the same motion, the design team finally figured out a way to section off the cowl. A series of rings seamlessly incorporated around the base allowed it to function as a piece separate from the rest of the costume.

heh, it is called a helmet and a gorget. standard for jousting suits of armour. yeah, the real get on a horse with a sword and lance suit of armour. knights didn't turn their head and shoulders simultaneously in order to see to their sides. the helmet was designed to work with the neck protection, i.e. gorget, to enable them to turn their heads freely. the gorget is worn beneath the cuirass/breastplate. i have seen gorgets with a ring over which a groove along the base of the helmet locked onto it. the head could turn 90 degrees in either direction.

their design is nothing new, it is simply newly realised in a different medium.

i am liking this new suit. it only makes sense to have it actually be functional and not merely a "costume".

i have a ticket to view the movie tomorrow, noon. i can't wait!
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interesting rumour that sarah michelle gellar of buffy fame will be portraying harley quinn in the upcoming batman sequel.

check it out!

personally, i think she would be perfect! she has the body type and the athleticism to pull it off. oh yeah!
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crap! comics has lost one of its artists today. of particular interest to me as he was known for his batman and detective comics work. he was said to be collaborating with steve englehart on another series of batman: dark detective.

news on the passing of marshall rogers, age 57, can be found at newsarama

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