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Been having a very similar dream the past few nights. I wish I could suss out the meaning.

In the dream, I am caring for a snake. Possibly a rosy boa or similar type. Definitely one of the thicker types and about three feet long.

The snake has a medical issue which I am trying to tend to. I get out a pair of nail clippers to clip off the skin tag, when they become electrified. (The style of clipper is most certainly not electric in reality. They are the kind that you press down on a lever to close the blades.) The clippers slice into the snake's skin and burrow beneath to begin separating its flesh from the skeleton.

When the dream first started, the clippers only did a little bit of damage. I remember thinking that I could help the snake heal. I woke up.

I fell back to sleep and into the same dream. This time the clippers did significantly more damage to the snake.

Last night the dream had the clippers nearly shear all the flesh from the skeleton. The snake was still alive. Feelings of hopelessness that I could not help the snake heal. It was too badly damaged and would die.

WTF? What is the meaning in the psychology of dreams for this one? Why is it a running dream over two nights which has gotten progressively worse?
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over the years i have noticed that many times if i remember a dream there are elements from the day interspersed within it.

case in point the dream/nightmare i had friday night.

during the day i had read a friend's blog where he describes walking down the street in new york city on his way to a restaurant when he encounters a dying rat. also that day i saw a headline for an article accompanied by a photograph for a man who was arrested for trying to smuggle iguana's into the country inside his artificial leg.

cut to friday night. i was exhausted from another week of work and the accompanying stress of the entertainment industry. i am laying on my stomach in the center of my bed. off i go into dreamland. at some point i am feeling things crawling across my head. it is as if claws are tangled in my hair. i swat at whatever it is. i pick my head up and see wriggling in between two of my pillows the tail end of a rat. i leap up, throw off the covers and turn on the light.

hmm... nothing there.

sensation was real. in the darkness of my room i could have sworn i saw movement going between the pillows. however, i was mistaken. thankfully!

but, damn, talk about not being able to go back to sleep after that.


Feb. 21st, 2006 09:31 pm
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i guess i was tired last night. i slept 12.5 hours. still tired tonight. i bet another 12 hours or so again tonight. i just wish i could remember dreams. surely in that period of time i had one... or two.

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