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* Worked a week that was frustrating due to tasks which should have been simple and quick becoming complex. Speculation is that the programming being done by the corporate travel agency in order to streamline obtaining approval from management for purchased trips is causing the interface between the online travel tool and the agency to b0rk. I needed to book travel for twenty people for upcoming meetings and trade shows. Arbitrarily the website would decide someone who I have successfully booked travel for in the past no longer existed. Of course I can see their online profile, but when contacted the travel agent would state they could not. This would lead to a complete inability to book any trips through normal channels. When all was said and done each trip took over an hour per person to get booked. I was tempted many times to bang my head upon my desk as a means of creating physical pain to distract from the mental pain I was feeling at the time.

I am so very grateful that today is a Friday. Two days off to do nothing related to travel.

* Last night went to happy hour with some co-workers to a local brew pub where I indulged in their Scottish ale. It was interesting to me that the bartender seemed disdainful when describing how the brew would taste when I asked for something low in hops. So many people in the craft brew industry are married to the idea that a beer/ale has to be bitter tasting. Nothing can be farther from the truth. I dislike the flavour of hops. I much prefer a malty, caramel, slightly sweet tasting brew. The Scottish ale I had last night was extremely satisfying to my palate. Like an Irish stout it was pitch black in colour; not the reddish amber usually associated with a Scottish ale.

* I have been obsessing with the idea of replacing my ten year old car with a new Mustang. I laid eyes on a 2015 Mustang the other day. It was one of the most eye catching automotive body designs I have seen. I have been looking at various configurations on the Ford website while drooling. Unfortunately it is only a pipe dream. I cannot now, nor do I expect to in the future, have the money to afford car payments of any amount. I haven't had a car payment in the ten years since paying cash from an insurance settlement ten years ago for the 2004 Mustang I currently drive.

* I have the itch to travel. France keeps coming to the fore in my thoughts of where I would like to visit. Much like the time when everywhere I turned I saw or heard references to Santa Fe in 2001 that lead me to spend two weeks in New Mexico, I am having the same thing happen with references to France.

* A visit to the library had me perusing the inside of book jackets for synopses. In one the protagonist had an interesting variation spelling, Elyssa. I rather like the way that looks.

The library graciously allowed me to walk out with seven books. To me that is a lot to try to read in three weeks. Apparently that is a small number. The library allows up to fifty (50!) to be checked out at one time.

* I am happy that the days grow longer. It is nice to come home with a couple hours of sunlight left.

* Life continues apace.
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* It is interesting once I learn a person's age how my perception of them changes. The blond barbie who sits next to me is in her early sixties. Now that she has lost approximately twenty pounds while being on a 500 calorie a day diet her clothes fit her much better. I wish I could afford to shop where she does.

* Cleaning out drawers, even though no one but me knows or sees the contents makes me feel productive.

* I am grateful that I do not watch television nor listen to commercial radio. It is pleasant not being bombarded by political ads full of rhetoric.

* I have begun walking to my apartment from a different direction which gives me a better view of its front access. This makes me feel a little more secure in thinking if my stalker is waiting for me I will see him before he sees me.

* Why are some women incapable of washing their hands at the sink in a restroom without creating a flooded counter?

* Lavendar vanilla ice cream is delicious.

* Cloudy, rainy days with breaks of sunshine are much more satisfying than a day of nothing but rain or nothing but clear blue sky. I like the sound of the wind as it rustles through the Douglas fir trees. It differs from the sound through the Maples. The variety of weather and seasons fuels the soul with satisfaction.

* After watching the joy experienced by a co-worker as she moves into a condo she purchased last week, I am sorely tempted to buy my own place. A lot of factors to consider though. How to have enough money for a down payment. How to afford upkeep that is covered by a landlord as a renter (ie, the washer being replaced, the circuitry in the heater being replaced, the plumbing in the shower being replaced, and the water heater being replaced - all in the span of the past year) I am not young by any stretch of the imagination, which means contemplating how to afford to make payments in retirement.

* I want to travel to Europe. Specifically to see Italy, France and Germany. In the Mediterranean I would like to go to Macedonia and Turkey.

* My family makes me sad. For the last eighteen months my sisters have promised to visit me "in a few months", "in the Spring", "in the Fall". I am still waiting. I have always been the one expected to travel back to the Midwest. In the twenty eight years I have lived on the West Coast my parents have visited twice and one sister once.
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I am tired of receiving "Your credentials are very impressive... I regret to inform you..." responses to resumes and applications.

Really, really tired after fifteen months.
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i responded to an ad on craigslist for an office assistant )

i received this response )

bah! now my bloody e-mail has been compromised i will probably get a ton of spam on the addy i use specifically for job searching.
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today whilst working as a temp clerk for a retail chain store, i came to the realization that there are a lot of people who have been raised worse than barnyard animals.

that is all.
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last monday i responded to an ad on craigslist for a job that melds two of my industries of expertise, metalworking and construction.

this friday i have an interview.

i love when the universe is on track.

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