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In order to lose weight I really need to stop eating dessert foods. It defeats the purpose of eating an otherwise "healthy" diet of vegetables and seafood on occasion. Hard to resist the temptation of all the sugary things at the office. Must figure out a way to convince myself that sugar cookies, lemon bars, and cupcakes are not in my best interest. But, damn, they taste so good.

Yeah, so good you have gained five pounds over the last few weeks. ~sigh
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Today I fed my inner Eastern European. I have been craving braised red cabbage for a few days. I decided to take care of the need for the comfort food by making a deep skillet worth. Braised the head of red cabbage along with an onion and granny smith apple. Seasoned with salt, caraway seed and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

I also roasted some Yukon Gold fingerling potatos to serve alongside the cabbage.

Oh so very tasty. Lots of leftovers for the upcoming week.

I prepared two servings of yoghurt for breakfast as well. Plain yoghurt with sliced banana and grapes with a few dashes of cinnamon. I like how sitting in the refrigerator overnight allows the banana to infuse the plain yoghurt with sweetness naturally.

Any other ways to save money on food consumption will be incorporated as I have motivation.

It also helps towards the latest health challenge at work. I signed up to maintain, not gain between Nov 3 through Dec 31. Object is to maintain or not gain more than three pounds with the upcoming deluge of sweets coming for the holidays.

The challenge is a requirement in order to save $30/month off my contribution to my health insurance premium. I will take every cent I can finagle.
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yet another reason not to eat processed and prepared foods from the grocery if you can help it.

Mercury Found in Commerical Corn Syrup AOL - Jan. 26

Almost half of the corn syrup tested in a new study contained mercury, according to HealthDay News. And a third of commercial food products with corn syrup had mercury as well.
The studies focused on high-fructose corn syrup, known as HFCS, which is often produced using caustic soda that contains mercury, the news service reported.

One study, published in the Environmental Health Journal, found detectable levels of mercury in nine out of 20 commercial HFCS samples.

The other study found that one of every three brand-name foods, out of 55 tested, included mercury, HeathDay News reported. The most common foods with mercury were dairy products, dressing and condiments.

"The bad news is that nobody knows whether or not their soda or snack food contains HFCS made from ingredients like caustic soda contaminated with mercury," said Dr. David Wallinga, of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, in HealthDay News. He co-authored both studies.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, high levels of mercury can cause brain and liver damage. Short-term exposure to high levels of mercury can increase blood pressure and trigger rashes, eye irritation, nausea, vomiting and other health problems.

"Mercury is toxic in all its forms," Wallinga said, according to HealthDay News. "Given how much high-fructose corn syrup is consumed by children, it could be a significant additional source of mercury never before considered.”

EPA - mercury health effects
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if this isn't a reason to grow and cook my own food i don't know what is. in today's global economy there is a lot of food and food processing ingredients coming from all over the world. quite a considerable amount comes from china. i have pretty much ceased buying any processed foods over the last three years. i frequent farm markets for local produce.

melamine, which supplemented wheat gluten, was an ingredient used in pet food sold in the US and Canada killed hundreds of pets. that same additive was in baby formula and chocolate candy sold in China, New Zealand, Australia, and other oceania countries. it caused deaths and illness in thousands of babies.

China bans lye, boric acid as food additives
Government crackdown is aimed at improving shoddy food safety record

Among the 17 banned substances was boric acid, commonly used as an insecticide, which is mixed with noodles and meatballs to increase elasticity, a statement posted on the Ministry of Health Web site said. Also forbidden was industrial formaldehyde and lye, used in making soap and drain cleaner and added to water used to soak some types of dried seafood to make the products appear fresher and bigger.

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