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You were born during a Waning Gibbous moon

This phase occurs right after a full moon.

- what it says about you -

You love to let people in on the story of how things come together. You know the background of ideas and have a deep understanding of things others just touch the surface of. You can surprise people with your wide variety of knowledge, and they'll remember and appreciate you for it.

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Being alone may bring you a lot of comfort right now, but being among other people will feed your soul in an extremely rewarding way. So don't go solo right now if at all possible. Meet up with people, any people! Sometimes, you need to pop out of your shell whether you want to or not. After one or two hours out in the external world, you will be infused with a whole new kind of energy and positive feelings about others. You'll get the social bug eventually.

its just another day for me as it has been the last three years. ~shrug~
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Give people the benefit of the doubt today and you will dramatically increase the chances of having a stress-free day! Just let their grumpiness roll off your back and try to remember how funny or amusing they can be. If someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, just laugh it off. The alternative -- getting all frustrated or angry -- isn't going to make you feel better, and it could start up a fight you don't really want to deal with. Stick to your guns if it gets too tough.
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took a look at today's horoscope. interesting how on the money it is.

Moving forward in your life is rewarding and exciting, but every day you do get a little bit older. And aging is aging. Your body may be suddenly revealing its vulnerabilities. First of all, do not panic! If you're feeling more aches or pains, do not ignore them. Taking care of any health concerns should be your top priority, whether that means making a doctor's appointment or ordering a sandwich on whole wheat bread instead of white. You could end up being better off than before.
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today's horoscope:

You're a wonderfully patient soul, and that is a rare and desirable quality. However, double-check that this slow pace isn't simply laziness disguised as forbearance. Are you meeting all your desired goals?

granted, i have a chest cold with a fever, so i can use that as a partial excuse for not having searched for a job actively.

yeah... that's the ticket!

no, seriously, i know i need to get off my butt to the temp and casting agencies soon. the savings account is bleeding profusely right now. i just wish i had a clear direction of where i want to be living. ah well, the universe shall nudge me when i am ready.
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It is never too late to get started on a different path in life. If you have something that interests you -- a new hobby, a new career, or a new weight goal -- you should pursue it. Don't let your age, income or current status in life restrict you. Every day offers a new opportunity, a new set of choices to make -- and this day is no different. If you want to make a change, make it. Stop working so hard to come up with excuses. You know you can do it, so do it!

You adore luxury, and rightfully so, but financially you could be doing better. Those changes aren't going to happen unless you make a conscious effort to live on a budget. Have a long session with your finances.

i suppose this is a nudge telling me to look for employment...
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"The future is on your mind right now, and no wonder. You can see how even the small steps lay the groundwork for later prospects. Keep your focus in the here and now and you'll get there -- all in good time. You will need to utilize your ability to evaluate a situation accurately today. There will be some misunderstandings going on, and you could help to clear up the confusion. Be ready to serve as the calm, clear voice of reason and set things straight. Maintain all the objectivity you can, and be fair in how you assess things. Even if you wish the truth were something different from what it is, you owe it to everyone involved to call this one like you see it."

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