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Mar. 12th, 2010 04:52 pm
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i love robin hood. i have quite a few books telling the tales of the robber of nottingham. i am really looking forward to this movie. is it May yet?

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Where the Wild Things Are cupcakes

(from claire_issa's flikrstream) Moishe and Max cupackes made for my roommate as a farewell present.

These are texas-sized snickerdoodle cupcakes. For frosting and decorations I used chocolate ganache (Moishe), canned vanilla frosting (Max), sprinkles, store-bought gumpaste eyes, and fondant tinted by hand.
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a filmmaker in portland is getting set to film this autumn a macabre tale based on a series of children's books by james bellairs. the film is called widow's walk lake

here is a taste of what is to come. the tone of the film looks marvelous!

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i went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince last night. i thoroughly enjoyed it and intend to watch it in the theatres again.

all i shall say at this time is that they nailed teenage love and relationships. i was in a theatre with 3/4s of the audience comprised of teenagers who laughed or commented frequently during scenes in which infatuation, love, friendship and angst were portrayed.

no spoilers from me. i shan't say a thing due to the newness of the movie's release.

get out and see it!!!!
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i was recently having a discussion with someone regarding movies made based on comic books or comic book characters. as an exercise i decided to create a list.

i have left off movies which were based on comic strips, i.e. dick tracy, little orphan annie, dennis the menace, garfield, etc. i only wanted to address those which were comic books/graphic novels.

i also have not listed all movies in a series. i didn't see a need to list every movie for batman, x-men, spider-man, etc. in those instances i have only listed the character.
movies from comic books )

if i have missed any, feel free to post more in the comments. i am sure i have probably missed a few.
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ryan reynolds cast as green lantern. hmmm... is this a script with hal jordan as GL or another character as the GL?

ryan reynolds, green lantern


May. 31st, 2009 12:38 pm
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yesterday in the company of good friends i went to see the movie, UP, by pixar.

unless you have been living in a cave you have probably seen the promo pics of a house suspended in air by a jillion colourful party balloons. this movie is incredible. in the first ten minutes of the film you will be enthralled, laugh, cry, sigh, and soar with the main characters. the writers establish the premise for how and why there is a house suspended by balloons drifting across the sky.

the story is about an old man who goes on an adventure to a lost land in south america by suspending his house with balloons out the chimney. he is accompanied by a gullible innocent young wilderness scout who stows away under the porch. they land in south america, adventure ensues where childhood heroes are made and broken. fantastic hidden wonders are encountered. lasting friendships are made. carl frederickson and russell are wonderful in their interaction.

it is a wonderfully well told story. the art is just awesome in its detail. the thing i like about Pixar films is that they develop characters you care about, then tell a story about those characters. they do not serve up movies that are long on action and lacking in any cohesive reason to root for the characters like the competing studios do. too many of the other studios simply rely on a lot of action without any justification. noise and flash seem to be their draw, however, unlike a pixar film those movies do not remain with you.

this is a movie that kids will love for its silliness. it is a movie adults will love for the truth it tells about the decisions made as we go through life. which path to adventure will we or will we not follow?

go. see it! don't delay!
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fifty movies from the last twenty years are referenced in this game at which is presented as a painting. some are easy to figure out, others not so much.

click on a portion of the painting to bring up a box for you to type in the movie title. if it is correct the box turns green and the portion of the painting darkens. if it is incorrect the box turns red. you can use your email address to save the game to return to it.

man, i have spent too much time working on this!

don't look at the comments unless you want the answers.
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spoilers ahead )
um, i will stop for the moment. i have more questions floating in my head that i will add to my list later. as anyone who has read my comments on movies in the past knows, i tend to look at movies with questions rather than give a review.

don't get me wrong. i enjoyed the movie and want to see it again, but there are some holes in the scripting that kinda make me scratch my head.
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the movie, coraline 3D, was incredible to watch. a beautiful film. loved it and would like to see it again.

i made the comment before the movie began to [ profile] evlmnky and her hubs, [ profile] ugoserrano as i looked around the theatre and saw kids there that this movie is not one for children. it
is a fairytale for adults, but it is a nightmare for children.

the problem is that people seem to think if a movie is animated it means a children's film. well, this isn't nor was it intended to be for children. it isn't even being advertised as a children's film, however, there we sat in a theatre full of families.

movie ends. people are leaving as the credits are rolling and bat terriers are swooping on the screen. i hear a son tell his father as they walk past that he will be having nightmares tonight. the father pooh poohs him. the kid says "no, i am serious dad, i am going to have nightmares."

then not a minute later a woman passes by talking to friends and complaining that it wasn't a movie appropriate for kids to watch. well, duh!!!! doesn't anyone read freaking reviews?

i love laika's signature which is seen towards the beginning of the movie, then at the very end of the credits. nice touch, especially in the 3D!
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and i foresee the ruination of yet another film by the studio.

Fox Takes Control of Walden's Chronicles of Narnia January 28, 2009 - by Brandon Lee Tenney,

Fox is set to co-finance Narnia's third installment with Walden. And a hush descended over the land as a single tear dropped from Aslan's mighty eye. Anyone remember Eragon? Well, the entity behind Eragon, know as Fox 2000, will be behind the development of the next Narnia.

i didn't particularly care for the first narnia film as i felt it lacked characters and soul. (though peter's sword is rather bitchin'. i have one of the pommels made for the original prop in my collection.)

i feel the above news spells nothing but dismal news for the franchise. disney pulled out of the film late last year. walden media had been looking for another studio to partner with in order to complete Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
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no US release date yet. opens in UK on feb 6.

from looking at the stills on IMDB, the costumes look great. IMDB also has the trailer in a better resolution than google.

i want to see a well done fantasy movie. "the golden compass" and narnia films were soulless to me. they simply didn't hold my interest at all as they came across as very flat.


Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:02 pm
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a viking sci-fi movie. aliens crash land near an iron age viking village. mayhem and romance ensue.

opening tomorrow in north america outlander. starring john caviezel, john hurt, ron perlman, sophia myles and a cast of extras in the background.

filmed in nova scotia. i notice the majority of armour and weapons were supplied by a canadian armoury, valentine armouries owned by rob valentine. looking at the images on the movie site i recognise a number of the swords as being manufactured in india for depeeka.

here is roger ebert's review.

i wanna go and play Mystery Science Theatre on this one!
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Fox & Warner Settle 'Watchmen' Lawsuit: Warner Will Distribute; Fox Gets 8 1/2% Gross + Cash + Piece Of Sequels/Spinoffs from nikki finke, deadline hollywood

"Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox have resolved their dispute regarding the rights to the upcoming motion picture Watchmen in a confidential settlement. Warner Bros acknowledges that Fox acted in good faith in bringing its claims, which were asserted prior to the start of principal photography. Fox acknowledges that Warner Bros. acted in good faith in defending against those claims Warner Bros. and Fox, like all Watchmen fans, look forward with great anticipation to this film's March 6 release in theatres."
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It is with the deepest regret that we announce the passing of legendary swordmaker, Jody Samson, on Saturday, December 27, 2008 in his shop in New Glarus, Wisconsin. Jody was a true friend, a multi-talented artist, and one of the most generous people you could ever meet. He will be deeply missed.

from albion swords a bio of the master swordmaker

Most people know him as the creator of the Conan® swords -- he sculpted and assembled the blade and hilt for the "Father's Sword™." He created the blade for and assembled the "Atlantean™" sword. Both have become icons in the Conan® legend, inspirations to swordsmiths everywhere, and symbols to many of the epitome of swords and swordmaking. Both of the Conan® swords were designed by Ron Cobb, while the "Atlantean" sword's hilt components were fabricated by Tim Huchthausen.
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judge says fox owns rights to watchment

Published: December 24, 2008 - New York Times

LOS ANGELES — In a surprise ruling, a federal judge in Los Angeles said he intended to grant 20th Century Fox’s claim that it owns a copyright interest in the “Watchmen,” a movie shot by Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures and set for release in March.

nikki finke has more on this story here at deadline hollywood.
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i have seen it reported on a number of sites that eddie murphy was signed to play the riddler. my reaction to that was, WTF? therefore i did some digging to see if it was a rumour or not. probably just a rumour.

don't believe everything you read

eddie murphy is not in batman 3

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