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In the house/condo hunt I have continued to look. Did so today in fact. Still looking. The one of the three that was most promising and at a really great affordable price is 1300 sq ft town house with a huge loft master bedroom with no door and a small downstairs bedroom. Tiny kitchen. Enclosed small slab patio 4'x8' so no place to plant anything. Detached garage. Upgraded vinyl windows. Baby grand piano.

Very tempting, but it is right beside the freeway. I can't picture having an interchange as the view from the master bedroom. When the windows are closed it is silent. However, crack a window the slightest bit and all you hear is the roar of the vehicles on the freeway. I like sleeping with windows open. The sound would drive me nuts.

With the criteria I have set which extends to fifteen miles outside of Portland the list today came up at 44 properties. A scan through showed a third of them were bankruptcy, foreclosure/bank owned, short sales or auction. None of which are drama I want to be involved in. There were a few that were being "sold as is" with no repairs to be made by seller.

Decision time for me is coming soon as my lease is up for renewal on Saturday. Renew for another year at a $90/mo increase? Go month to month with a $70/mo premium attached to the rent increase?
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The year is coming to an end. With it are other things ending which bring me sadness. I realise that life is nothing but change, but man, when it happens there are times I wish it didn't.

I went for brunch for the final time at Mint Tea as they will close their doors after this weekend. It has been a place of laughter, wonderful food, and visiting with friends. I will miss it immensely during my forays into town. I know the owner is moving onto new things after she takes a break to center herself. I also know that I am destined to cross paths with her again. I look forward to seeing where and what she decides to do next for the community.

One of my bestest of friends is moving a couple hundred miles north to pursue his art further. I hope it doesn't mean I will never see him again. I am happy for him though as I know he will have greater exposure to many more clients for his unique talents. His metalwork needs to be seen by people. Fingers are crossed that his ultimate desire to work in Europe happens as a result.

My car continues to make intermittent mysterious noises. Today it began making a new one which leads me to believe there is something wrong in the front suspension. Turning the steering wheel as well as simply getting out of the vehicle is causing a binding creak if that makes any sense. Naturally the repair shop I would go to is closed today and tomorrow the weather service is forecasting storm of doom with warnings not to travel anywhere unless absolutely necessary.

Lottery, can I win now
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I glance out the window at 5:35p in the Northern Hemisphere. It is pitch black outside. Does anyone else want to slit their wrists right about now or is it just me? Gah! I hate when it is dark early. Hate it with a passion.

My brain shuts down within an hour or so after the sunsets. I will be going to bed the next few months between 6:30p-7:00p. I have a very difficult time staying awake.

My body clock rhythm is wake with light, sleep when darkness falls. It already hates getting up at 5:00a in the dark. Now it will be dark/dark.
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In order to lose weight I really need to stop eating dessert foods. It defeats the purpose of eating an otherwise "healthy" diet of vegetables and seafood on occasion. Hard to resist the temptation of all the sugary things at the office. Must figure out a way to convince myself that sugar cookies, lemon bars, and cupcakes are not in my best interest. But, damn, they taste so good.

Yeah, so good you have gained five pounds over the last few weeks. ~sigh
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Introspective over the last few days. I realise I am an elitist snob. hmmm... I am not sure how to change that.
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* It is interesting once I learn a person's age how my perception of them changes. The blond barbie who sits next to me is in her early sixties. Now that she has lost approximately twenty pounds while being on a 500 calorie a day diet her clothes fit her much better. I wish I could afford to shop where she does.

* Cleaning out drawers, even though no one but me knows or sees the contents makes me feel productive.

* I am grateful that I do not watch television nor listen to commercial radio. It is pleasant not being bombarded by political ads full of rhetoric.

* I have begun walking to my apartment from a different direction which gives me a better view of its front access. This makes me feel a little more secure in thinking if my stalker is waiting for me I will see him before he sees me.

* Why are some women incapable of washing their hands at the sink in a restroom without creating a flooded counter?

* Lavendar vanilla ice cream is delicious.

* Cloudy, rainy days with breaks of sunshine are much more satisfying than a day of nothing but rain or nothing but clear blue sky. I like the sound of the wind as it rustles through the Douglas fir trees. It differs from the sound through the Maples. The variety of weather and seasons fuels the soul with satisfaction.

* After watching the joy experienced by a co-worker as she moves into a condo she purchased last week, I am sorely tempted to buy my own place. A lot of factors to consider though. How to have enough money for a down payment. How to afford upkeep that is covered by a landlord as a renter (ie, the washer being replaced, the circuitry in the heater being replaced, the plumbing in the shower being replaced, and the water heater being replaced - all in the span of the past year) I am not young by any stretch of the imagination, which means contemplating how to afford to make payments in retirement.

* I want to travel to Europe. Specifically to see Italy, France and Germany. In the Mediterranean I would like to go to Macedonia and Turkey.

* My family makes me sad. For the last eighteen months my sisters have promised to visit me "in a few months", "in the Spring", "in the Fall". I am still waiting. I have always been the one expected to travel back to the Midwest. In the twenty eight years I have lived on the West Coast my parents have visited twice and one sister once.

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