Peeves #4

Nov. 15th, 2014 08:09 am
elessa: (wyveri)
* Mindlessly scrolling through FB. Why the heck do people have to comment before they even read an article someone may have posted? The ignorance of the content becomes quite obvious when they get all "I know better than you" and post a link back to Snopes. When if they would have read the actual article and not simply looked at the photo in the preview. They would have known that it was one written by a scientist which picked apart the incorrect assessment of the imagery that was used for scare tactics. In this case an image showing the strength of a tsunami as it spread eastward being used incorrectly as one showing radiation.

* I really dislike Multi Level Marketing, MLMs. I have twice been in a local coffee shop recently when unsuspecting individuals are being pitched. I don't know how to interrupt to warn the person of the risks involved; not to mention that they are being preyed upon. There is no money to be made from retail sale of the products; only money to be made is from purchases by the downline recruited as both parties go further and further into debt.

Peeves #3

Nov. 7th, 2014 07:58 pm
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* What is with early winter holiday decorations? Yes, I know I am posting this on November 7, however I have been annoyed since the beginning of October when they appeared in stores. Not to mention seeing people already decorating with lights and trees! One of the apartment units near me has been decorated since Saturday November 1. I just read a post on FB with a photo of a friend's livingroom complete with two decorated trees and pine garland draped over the livingroom mantle.

Peeves #2

Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:16 am
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* Why do women who find it objectifying and sexist when images of scantily clad or naked women are posted on social media websites have no problem posting images of buff men who are shirtless and/or with pants unzipped. They then post comments like "hubba, hubba" or "Why hello, eye candy". Isn't this a double standard?

For instance,


Yeah, yeah, by posting this photo I appear to be condoning the practice. No, I want to make my point clear by posting an example of the imagery women would decry if it were of a woman with the same caption.


Oct. 26th, 2014 08:38 am
elessa: (wyveri)
* Comments from people on social media, ie Facebook, G+, etc., which only address the headline and/or preview of an article without having read the entire article. Hell, same thing with people on news websites who comment without reading the f@cking article.

* Cigarette smoking drifting into my apartment from the smoker's on the first floor.

* People who refute numerous scientific research studies in order to grasp at a straw of "truth" handed out by a someone who supports their view. People who are otherwise intelligent cast all application of critical thinking out the window when it comes to vaccinations, gluten diets, etc.

* Conversations with someone who doesn't question what they are told by the news media, especially when they only derive the information from a single source. There truly are at least two sides to a story. I wish people would try to learn what they are before forming an opinion. They do not have to agree with me; just be prepared to acknowledge that there are different ways to consider an event, topic, or individual's portrayal rather than putting hands over their ears while saying "lalalalalala, I can't hear you."

* Conversations with people who do not address the topic at hand, but rather resort to fallacies such as ad hominem attacks.

* Candle wicks that are the wrong diameter for the size candle causing them to burn inefficiently.

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