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* It is interesting once I learn a person's age how my perception of them changes. The blond barbie who sits next to me is in her early sixties. Now that she has lost approximately twenty pounds while being on a 500 calorie a day diet her clothes fit her much better. I wish I could afford to shop where she does.

* Cleaning out drawers, even though no one but me knows or sees the contents makes me feel productive.

* I am grateful that I do not watch television nor listen to commercial radio. It is pleasant not being bombarded by political ads full of rhetoric.

* I have begun walking to my apartment from a different direction which gives me a better view of its front access. This makes me feel a little more secure in thinking if my stalker is waiting for me I will see him before he sees me.

* Why are some women incapable of washing their hands at the sink in a restroom without creating a flooded counter?

* Lavendar vanilla ice cream is delicious.

* Cloudy, rainy days with breaks of sunshine are much more satisfying than a day of nothing but rain or nothing but clear blue sky. I like the sound of the wind as it rustles through the Douglas fir trees. It differs from the sound through the Maples. The variety of weather and seasons fuels the soul with satisfaction.

* After watching the joy experienced by a co-worker as she moves into a condo she purchased last week, I am sorely tempted to buy my own place. A lot of factors to consider though. How to have enough money for a down payment. How to afford upkeep that is covered by a landlord as a renter (ie, the washer being replaced, the circuitry in the heater being replaced, the plumbing in the shower being replaced, and the water heater being replaced - all in the span of the past year) I am not young by any stretch of the imagination, which means contemplating how to afford to make payments in retirement.

* I want to travel to Europe. Specifically to see Italy, France and Germany. In the Mediterranean I would like to go to Macedonia and Turkey.

* My family makes me sad. For the last eighteen months my sisters have promised to visit me "in a few months", "in the Spring", "in the Fall". I am still waiting. I have always been the one expected to travel back to the Midwest. In the twenty eight years I have lived on the West Coast my parents have visited twice and one sister once.

omg! snow!

Feb. 24th, 2011 07:56 pm
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today proved to be absolutely bizarre weatherwise. when i went to bed last night at 9:30p snow had begun to fall. however it contained hard pellets which were tinking against the windowpanes as they fell and stuck to the ground, trees and vehicles.

when i woke at 5:30a it was a winter wonderland of approx two inches of snow and grey skies. i am not keen on driving my mustang in snow or on ice. i called into the office to say i wouldn't be coming in today.

around 9:30a i went outside to take some pics because the sky had turned to sunshine and blue. the snow was beginning to melt at this point. it was rather interesting to watch chunks of it falling from branches and powerlines to the ground.

the snow was slushified enough by 11:30a for me to decide to drive to work on the far east side of town. the road i live on was a mix of wet and slush. the main arteries were either wet or actually dry.

i lasted there about an hour and a half before anxiety kicked in. the clouds returned heavy and grey. they dumped in whiteout conditions what appeared to be hail, but in actuality were small, soft, wet balls of snow which accumulated rapidly.

not wanting to have to drive through who knows how much snow and slush to get home if i waited until rush hour, i left.

oddly the snow only fell where i worked. the main road i have to take before the side street to the company was essentially untouched. the freeway was dry as a bone as i drove north. to the west i could see another heavy grey cloud dropping snow just to the north of downtown alongside a break of sunny blue sky.

once home the weather alternated between sunshine and what i can only describe as a snowfall of ice needles. tonight the forecast is for record low temps. i already made known i will not attempt to drive on ice. should it melt sufficiently to be safe for driving, i will go to work later in the morning.

i have never before experienced weather like i did today.
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take a look at quebec. to view more images, click on the pic.
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i wish i could record the sound of snowfall.
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went to bed to the sound of a torrential downpour. rain was pounding on the windows in an effort to come inside.

woke this morning to a winter wonderland and very blue skies.
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i wish i had a rain gauge. i had looked at some over the last month but didn't purchase one.

it has been pouring rain hard, like gully washer hard, for hours. news says it is coming down at about 1/2" per hour. needless to say there are flood warnings.

so yeah, i wish i had a rain gauge to assuage my curiosity about how much has truly fallen, 'cause it has been beating on my windows for quite a bit.

i also wish i was on the coast where they have predicted 25' waves. now that is something i would love to see.
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i have been asked if i took the pics of the snowflakes in my gallery. the answer is, yes. the pics are of snowflakes which landed on the balcony railing.

the macro function on the Canon Powershot SD850si is incredibly powerful.

now all i need is to take a class in how to actually use a camera. lol! i am sure i could take even better pics if i knew how to manipulate the settings beyond the ISO.
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click on the pic to see the world i wandered today


Dec. 19th, 2008 12:13 pm
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pic taken on my balcony as large fluffy white stuff fell from the sky. melts almost as soon as it lands though.

click on pic for more images of snowflakes i have taken today.
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i want to know where the snow is?

i keep reading that portland and surrounding areas are shutdown. classes cancelled. flights cancelled. roads closed.

i look out my window and see no snow. haven't seen any since the sprinkling of dry laundry detergent on saturday. that melted before monday.

i live a mere four miles north of where i see pictures of a snowy haven. i also read of the local schools in this city being closed in the area less than two miles north of me due to heavy snowfall. i see pics on the news site of snowmen and snowball fights there.

i am beginning to feel gypped.
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can you see the light?

portland has been replacing incandescent traffic signals with LED lights. slight problem when it snows. LEDs do not generate heat. snow and ice on the signals isn't melting. the result is lights which are covered which drivers are unable to see.

naturally, drivers forget the lesson from driver's ed about how to proceed through a four-way stop properly. don't try to go through at the same time. that will cause an accident. yield to the person to the right if all arrive at the intersection at the same time. otherwise, courtesy dictates that the first person to arrive proceeds first.
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four miles south of me is a very large river. from that river southward it snowed 4-5" and pretty much shut down a major city. another city to the southeast received 25" of snow.

here at my address there was a sprinkling of dry laundry detergent over black ice.

will the river be strong enough a barrier to the projected snowstorms wednesday and this coming weekend, who knows?

i look out my window to a bitter chill morning with incredible crystal blue skies. mt. st. helen's looks picturesque with fresh snow against the blue sky. there is a small cloud at the summit. unfortunately there is too much condensation on the window for me to take a pic.

the debate is coffee or hot chocolate to start the day.
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when temps outside are below freezing wearing a fleece jacket is not the wisest choice for outerwear on a two mile walk.

when temps outside are below freezing wearing thermal leggings is recommended, otherwise expect frozen butt cheeks and thighs.

when temps outside are below freezing and you live in a gated community, carry key card for vehicle entrance as lock for pedestrian entrance will have frozen closed not permitting brass key to be inserted from outside the gate.

black ice + 4wheel drive vehicles = sport of compressing gas pedal to the floor

black ice + walking briskly = a test of agility
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outside my window are snow fluffies and black ice. brrrr!

had planned to have tea with ladies, but wimped out after looking out the window. brrrr!
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for the past ten or so years there has been talk of global warming. the term has been rephrased by the media to now be "climate change". (you know, kinda like "anti-abortion" becoming "pro-life".)

there are articles and news stories frequently discussing the warming temperatures in the polar regions which are now melting.

um, i seem to remember from my history and science classes back in the dark ages that there used to be glaciers which covered most of the northern hemisphere. here in north america the glacier covered all of canada and much of the midwest during the pleistocene era aka "the ice age".

it seems to me there had to be some "global warming/climate change" in order for the glacier to melt 11,000 years ago.

this process has been going on for millenia. last night i read a news article on one of the swiss news sites regarding some finds in the swiss alps. remember otzi, the iceman discovered in the alps in 1991? well, there have been continued expeditions into the alps on both sides to try to locate additional finds.

on the swiss side there have been a few hundred artifacts discovered from the neolithic age, the bronze age, the roman age, and the medieval age. there are gaps of hundreds and thousands of years between the finds. why? how about the passes have been unpassable due to snow and ice, which then melts enabling people to use them. currently there is a melt allowing archaeologists to comb the passes for artifacts. they have found some pretty bitchin' things. some of which are 1,000 years older than otzi.

there is a natural cycle to the warming and the cooling of temps on this planet. science has determined that the planet has continually had periods where it is covered in ice and periods where it is not. are we responsible for the current rate of warming? possibly.

i think people are forgetting history. we need to adapt to the changes. we also should continue to endeavour to keep it green and lower the pollution levels.
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well, well, well... there is a forecast of 4-8" of snow here locally by sunday night, with another 2-4" on wednesday.

the average snowfall west of the cascades is 2.3" per year. methinks that this coming week will change the curve a little bit.
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looks like a friend may be getting her wish for snow of several inches on the ground this weekend. granted, this is monday and the forecast is projecting for the weekend so it may change.

severe weather alert

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