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Introspective over the last few days. I realise I am an elitist snob. hmmm... I am not sure how to change that.
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I need to snark. Really badly, I need to snark.

An observation upon aging. We all do it. Whilst it may not be something which is necessarily welcomed, I do think it ought to be embraced to a certain degree. I still think and feel as though I am twenty five; however I recognise there are certain things I can no longer get away with. I also recognise that body and facial features change.

So, I want to say people ought to cease certain behaviours. Something is driving me nuts which has been bottled up and I want to know if I am right to be annoyed.

It is not cutesy to use a baby voice when talking to your boss. It really isn't. The baby doll, high pitched voice is as annoying as fuck coming from someone who is in her mid to late fifties; approximately sixty pounds overweight; refreshes her hair to a really pretty shade of blond; adores the colour pink and loves rhinestones.

I can tell she was a stunning looking woman in her youth and probably had the guys falling all over her with that voice.

I know she really dislikes what she looks like as she refuses to have her picture taken even in group settings. She says anyone who takes her picture is bullying her because she hates what she looks like in photos.

If I were to guess, like me, she also thinks and feels like she did when she was twenty five. Problem is, behaviour at twenty five when a hot young thing doesn't come off quite the same when you are no longer young or hot.
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today i joined the ACLU

why? because i am pissed. i am tired of the loss of commonsense in this country. this is no longer a country i am proud to be a citizen of.

the impetus?

this article in the NY times

A Hong Kong computer programmer who had legally resided in the US for 15 years (since he was 17) and fathered two American children went for his final green card interview and was locked up, detained until he died of cancer that the DHS refused to treat him for. He had overstayed a visa (the DHS sent a key notice to the wrong address), and this prompted the DHS to lock him away and demand that he waive all right to immigration appeal and be immediately deported. In detention, his complaints of excruciating back pain were treated as fakery, and he was dragged around in shackles after he lost the ability to walk, taken on long, bumpy drives while official demanded that he drop his immigration appeals. The jailers who caused his death were private contractors with fat deals with the DHS to lock up immigration detainees.

As he lay dying, his family -- wife and two children, aged 1 and 3 -- were denied access to him while the warden considered their request to visit.

"Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses..."

the united states is no different than china, darfur, russia, north korea or any one of a number of countries we look down our noses at and "tut tut".
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Lawmaker calls for no-cost, porn-free, wireless 'Net access
ars technica, By Ryan Paul | Published: April 21, 2008 - 10:25AM CT

The Wireless Internet Nationwide for Families Act, proposed by Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA), would instruct the FCC to auction off the 2155-2175MHz band of spectrum. The winner would have to use the spectrum to create a nationwide wireless Internet service that is available to the public at no cost, automatically blocks access to pornographic content, and is fully open to third-party device manufacturers.

nice in theory, poor in practice.

case in point. i am involved in the administration of the main coding source site for a text-based browser game. recently one of the free webhosts that many newbie game admins host their game on has begun filtering.

the result of filtering on the word "SEX" has caused a myriad of errors in the running of the game due to it blocking lines of code which contain the string "$xml = new parseXml;"


a request to whitelist this occurrence was sent to the host. the response was one of utter cluelessness.

yeah... so let's block porn...

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