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i was recently having a discussion with someone regarding movies made based on comic books or comic book characters. as an exercise i decided to create a list.

i have left off movies which were based on comic strips, i.e. dick tracy, little orphan annie, dennis the menace, garfield, etc. i only wanted to address those which were comic books/graphic novels.

i also have not listed all movies in a series. i didn't see a need to list every movie for batman, x-men, spider-man, etc. in those instances i have only listed the character.
movies from comic books )

if i have missed any, feel free to post more in the comments. i am sure i have probably missed a few.
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it has been confirmed that robert downey jr. set for 'sherlock holmes' directed by guy ritchie by Variety.

it will be stylised after the comicbook. hmmmm... being an uberfan of sherlock holmes, i had the um, pleasure, of reading the comics simply because i am a completist. they were not all that good, sadly.

also reported today, jon favreau has been signed as the director for the sequel of ironman.
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this morning i learned that a friend of mine, rory root, has passed away. he was the owner of comic relief comics in berkeley

he went into emergency surgery for a ruptured hernia yesterday, slipped into a coma and never woke.

this makes me terribly sad. he was such a delight to know. his interest in comics of all genres, eras, and styles was very deep. we spent many hours over the years discussing our mutual love.

please rest in peace, rory. you shall be greatly missed.

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