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Today I was cleaning out boxes I have in my closet that contain miscellany from my life. In a box within a box I came across the copper POW bracelet I have had since I was a young girl. I seem to remember acquiring it in either 1971 or 1972. My father is a Vietnam veteran and we were living in Ft. Benning at the time.

I decided to search the internet on a whim to see if there were any pages with info on 1st Lt. Patrick Curran, 9/29/69. I am happy that there is closure for his family as his remains were found and eventually identified.

I sit here wondering who he was as I cry for someone I never knew, but whom I have carried with me through the years from state to state, city to city.

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silly people. ye know, if people hadn't decided to start asking me questions about exactly what action figures i had in the seven cases i posted on craigslist for $150, the ad would still be there.

but nooooo... i just spent 8 hours cataloguing just the star wars figures and sundry other items. right now, without having researched every last item, the retail value is over $1500. so, guess what? i have withdrawn the prior ad and shall repost it without listing the dc, marvel, or star trek items.

they should have been happy with a grab bag surprise.

i am considering reposting for $500. seems to me that one third the value is pretty damn good, don't you? check it out
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just posted some items to sell on craigslist. i am wondering if there is a market or not for mint-in-box action figures from the 1990s. well, time will tell. i have over 8 cases of them i would like to off for pretty damn cheap.

if i don't receive a response, i shall make someone very happy the next time they are wandering through a thrift store. i am selling so cheap, i am willing to simply give all of them to a thrift store just to be done with them.

now off to write a posting to sell off the 5 disc cd player and the stereo.

must clean out more of the accumulated crap. looking towards moving again within the next three months, if not sooner. preferrably sooner... rate increase for movers on may 21st per the P.U.C.


Mar. 14th, 2006 08:11 pm
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yesterday i finally motivated myself to begin sorting through some of the boxes in the storage unit. things i haven't seen in two years. when i moved up here in october, i had rented a storage unit knowing full well not all the contents of my house would fit into this apartment. realize that this unit is a 10x10.

so... brought home twelve boxes. three of them with the wonderful label of "misc crap". sorted through those first. happy to say that i condensed it down to 1/2 of a box.

the other nine boxes contain action figures. oh joy! now i have sorted by type/genre and am going to take some pics before posting to craigslist. hopefully someone will take them off my hands for cheap.

i really need to make space in the storage unit to bring over the boxes of things i would like to keep but have no room for here, as well as over 100 empty boxes. let me tell you, even when boxes are broken down and folded flat they take up a ton of room. the footprint for what i have is approximately 4' deep by 6' long. as for boxes of things i want to keep, there are nearly 30 of those. *sigh

i may have to rent a second unit. the one i currently have is pretty well packed, floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

i shall continue to go through boxes from there trying to winnow it out. perhaps i should just get rid of all the gardening tools and other assorted plant things. who knows when i will see dirt again.

debating thinning out the fabric stores. i have twenty crates of fabrics and four of patterns. i, um, do not have a problem buying fabric. i can quit at any time, i swear! besides, as a costumer i need to have fabric at the ready for whatever project comes along, right?

mainly, i need to get all this cardboard out of the apartment. silverfish are thriving on all of it. removing the source of their meals will lessen the population running rampant. not to mention i won't get into trouble with the manager after the exterminator comes. he will no doubt say something to her if he sees one of the two bedrooms is wall to wall boxes.

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