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blergh... Decision made today to renew my lease for another year. Rent increased by $60/month. Ouch! Gonna need to cut back on living to be able to afford it. Unfortunately I have not been able to motivate to find another place to live. The task of packing, moving, etc. is too much to contemplate. So, here I am for another year. I dislike the miasma in the brain.

Must take advantage of the time to continue to pare down my belongings so that I can move into smaller, less expensive quarters next Spring. There is a pile begun of items to sell at a garage sale. I wish I had a vehicle to transport a table and other large pieces that I would like to sell. As it is, I will have to content myself with what can fit into my car.

Listening to yet rainfall from yet another laden cloud. Been a day of rain and sun. The rainbows as a result are worthwhile.

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i don't know what is.

all i want to do is move my AT&T services. you know, phone and DSL.

i use Firefox. their "live chat" feature doesn't appear to work with the browser. i can receive messages from the CSR, but i cannot send.

fine... i will use IE. their site only shows frames in IE. the rest of the page is utterly blank. no matter which link i select in the frames i am only returned a blank page. result, i can't access the "live chat" whatsoever. no, i cannot update IE. they no longer support the mac.

fine... i will use Safari. now the AT&T site is timing out. i can't load a page for the site with any of the three browsers. hence i don't know if safari will allow me to use the "live chat" feature.

yes, i know. call to move the services. however, it is significantly less expensive per month if i can manage to move them via the net. i want to make a change to the services, which is another reason why i don't want to call. it will be more beneficial to accomplish this online.

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it was interesting as the plane was landing to look at the parched earth, slow traffic on freeways, and millions of buildings. then to walk out into temps in the 90s. i left a metropolis with temps in the 60s, of green land, crystal blue skies, polite drivers, and homes with unfenced large yards.

ten more days in hell-A, then i head north for something new and different.

working on setting up a new company with a friend whose name has cachet in both the film and fashion industry. in the next year look for cutting edge steampunk couture to creep onto the scene.
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*sigh... received notice that the rent on the apartment is being raised $50 as of june 1. lovely...

would ye believe i will be paying more in rent than what i was paying on my mortgage for a four bedroom house that had 1000 sq ft more than this place?

southern california is becoming far too expensive to live in.

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